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Thomasville church of Christ
"God resurrected the Lord and will also resurrect us by His power" (1 Corinthians 6:14).

A congregation

striving to imitate

New Testament



Come Join Us
Come Join Us

As a church of Christ, we follow Jesus Christ, the Bible as Jesus taught, and the New Testament as Jesus gave all truth to His apostles and prophets by the Holy Spirit. Christ has built the church as His people for devotion, worship, giving, and fellowship by which God gives growth as in Acts 2:42–47. All who seek to follow Christ are welcome.



What happens when the church meets?

We welcome you to join us in Bible study at 9:30 AM and the assembly at 10:30 AM on Sunday that begins with congregational singing, followed by communion, and then preaching from the Bible. Guests are not expected to give, but we will give you a Bible if you do not have one.

-> How do we dress? We dress with respect for God and sincerity of faith. Most dress is often in dress casual, collar shirts and dresses, and some in jeans.

-> What about activities for kids and teens? We have kids' Bible classes taught by faithful women, and the teens' classes are taught by faithful men. During assembly, we have women volunteers to help watch the youngest children in the nursery. We are currently training our older children to listen and participate by sitting with each other or with their families.


What is the teaching and preaching like? 

The preaching is filled with Bible and drawn from the Bible. You can click and listen to sermons: "Who Pastors the Flock?"; "Because God Is Not Far from Anyone"; "Life in the Womb"; "The Crucifixion of Christ"; and "The Nature of Jesus's Resurrection."



Kids Bible Club

Kids come for Bible Club!

Every Wednesday night 7-8 PM, we have Bible lessons, crafts, games, and snacks for grades K-6.

Why Were Believers Baptized Immediately in the Bible?

Believers were baptized immediately in the Bible to accomplish something urgent. What is the purpose of the one baptism? Click here to find out.



Meeting Times
Meeting Times
9:30 AM - Bible Studies for All Ages
10:30 AM - The Assembly
6:00 PM - Evening Assembly
**No meeting at the building on the last 2 Sundays of the month.**

7:00 PM - Bible Study

Click here to let us know you're coming.


Address: 711 East Pinetree Blvd, Thomasville, GA 31792

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